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Step 1:
Create a new account via the Login page.

Step 2:
Once you are logged in, you can use the "Place the new add" link.

Step 3:
Select the amount of adds you want to purchase and continue with the payment.

Step 4:
At the end of the payment process you will be directed to the "Your adds" page. The new adds can be found on this page. Use the "Edit" link to edit the add. Only the adds whitch have a selected "Brand" will be visible on the site.


Place your own adds on this website

Each add costs: € 50,- a year or € 6,- a month.

If you buy 10 (month long) adds at once, you only pay € 50,-
(The adds lifetime starts at the moment of purchase)

All prices are excluding VAT.
Dutch residents will be billed for the VAT (BTW).
Residents of all other countries will be billed for the VAT unless they provide a valid VAT number.
You will receive an invoice via email.

Payment methods

Mastercard Visa Maestro Ideal